TCA Dress Code


Students are expected to dress neatly, modestly, and in good taste at all times. The school leadership reserves the right to make determinations as to the acceptability of student dress not expressly covered in the below guidelines. Parents of any student not dressed appropriately, will be contacted, and the student must be brought a change of clothes or be picked up and taken home to change. It is a violation of the dress code to show undergarments, midriff, lower back, or cleavage at any time; whether sitting, leaning over, or raising the arms. Items that are torn or cut in any way are prohibited. Students are not allowed to convey, through their dress any inappropriate lifestyles or gang affiliation.
The dress code for ALL SCHOOL FUNCTIONS is the same as outlined in these guidelines.  
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL - Class time missed for a dress code violation (changing clothes) will count as an absence if half the class period is missed.  

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Athletic and dress shoes are permitted and must be tied if laces are on the shoes. For the safety of all students, shoes must have a back. Students are not permitted to wear flip flops or shoes that do not secure the foot properly. Shoes should be clean and in good repair.    
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL - Athletic and dress shoes are permitted and must be tied if laces are on the shoes. Students are allowed to wear flip-flops as long as they are not beach style flip flops/rubber thong style. The wearing of flip flops is a privilege that can be revoked. When wearing flip flops or sandals, please, make sure toes and feet are clean. All shoes should be clean and in good repair.

Slacks or jeans that are traditional, plain, straight-leg or boot cut, regular/classic or relaxed fit and sized to the waist may be worn. Pants and jeans must be in good repairs. Length must not extend more than one inch beneath the heel with the shoe off.
The following are NOT appropriate for school:
low-rise pants  
holes in pants at all
sweatpants or lounge wear
tight fitting pants, skinny jeans/capris
leggings worn as pants                                                                      

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - All shorts must be worn no shorter than one inch above the knee while sitting.
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL - With the exception of sport practices, no shorts are permitted to be worn anywhere on campus. Shorts worn during practices should come to the middle of the knee.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Dresses and skirts must be no shorter than one inch above the knee when sitting.  
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL - All skirts and dresses must be worn no shorter than the middle of the knee, standing or sitting. Tops of dresses should reflect the guidelines for shirts. Leggings may be worn only as long as they are covered with appropriate dress code skirts and not worn as pants.

In order to maintain the appropriate level of modesty, tops must be sufficiently long enough to ensure that no part of the midriff is ever exposed, whether sitting, raising the arms, or bending over. For shirts with the top button starting at the collar, the top button may be left unbuttoned, as long as modesty is maintained. T-shirts are permitted as long as they fall under the guidelines below.
The following are NOT appropriate shirts for school:      
cropped shorter than the hips
low-cut V-neck or scoop neck  
camisoles, sleeveless  or tank top
low cut under the arms
phrases, words, advertisements or patches that promote a worldly agenda (rock music groups, skulls, peace symbols etc.), worldly graphics or designs
sports team that is derogatory toward another team
FEMALE STUDENTS - Shirts that expose the sides and/or the straps of bras should not be worn. Bras (traditional or sports) are undergarments; therefore, it is a violation of the dress code for any part of it to show.

All students should wear hair neat and clean. Styles and colors should not present a distraction, so neither odd-colored (unnatural) hair nor sculpted hair is permitted.
MALE STUDENTS - Hair is not to be worn below the collar or eyebrow and should be off the ears. Face should be clean shaven with no facial hair present. Sideburns are acceptable as long as they do not come below the ear.

Hats are not allowed to be worn inside any building on campus.

FEMALE STUDENTS - All piercings should be located in the ear lobe only. Gauges, plugs, spacers, and jewelry depicting a worldly agenda are not allowed. All jewelry should be reasonable in size and not distracting.
MALE STUDENTS - No body piercings of any kind are allowed.  

TATTOOS - Temporary or permanent tattoos are not allowed. Students should not draw on themselves or other students.

FEMALE STUDENTS - Any product when applied to the facial area (including the eyes and lips) should not cause an unnatural looking appearance, or cause distractions. Unnatural makeup colors are not allowed.
MALE STUDENTS - No makeup is allowed.