Medication Forms

Students taking any type of medication (prescription or non-prescription) must bring a permission slip signed by their parents identifying the medication, its purpose, and how often it must be taken. Medical Dispensing Permission Forms are located in the school office and at the bottom of this page. The permission slips and prescribed or non-prescription medication should be turned in to the office staff immediately upon arrival at school. The slips will be kept on file and the medication locked and dispensed according to parents’ directions. School personnel will not dispense medication without parent approval. For safety reasons, the school does not supply non-prescription medications, administer any medication beyond the expiration date, or accept medication not in the proper container. The school cannot assume full responsibility to see that medication is taken at the proper time or in the prescribed manner. Students requiring close attention in this area should remain under the parent's supervision.  

†  Prescription medication must be brought in the original pharmacy-labeled container by the student’s parent/legal guardian. The label should clearly indicate the student’s name, physician’s name and contact information, medication name and strength, amount given per dose, route (oral or topical) and time of administration, and dispensing pharmacy.  

† Do not send medication to school which needs to be given daily or two/three times a day unless  the physician specifically states a time during the school day which it is to be given. An antibiotic which is to be given three times daily can be given before the child leaves for school, gets home, and at bedtime.

† Non-prescription medications must be brought in the original container with the student’s name clearly labeled on it. Package directions will not be altered in any way.

Parental Permission for Dispensing Medication