Extra Help for Students

Tutoring/Helps classes will be available during the school year.

Schedules TBD.

TCA attempts to provide individual help for all students who need it. However, the success of extra help does not rest exclusively upon the teacher. Each student is expected to develop a sense of responsibility to know when help is needed and to ask for it.  The student should not think of extra help as a substitute for conscientious work during class time; nor should a student who fails to do required homework use extra help as a crutch. In most situations, the student should not have to depend upon extra help throughout the year, although this might be the case where a student has demonstrated a definite weakness in a particular subject.  Students who need additional academic assistance may receive help after school on a day designated by the teacher.  If this weakness is severe enough, then specialized tutoring outside of the normal academic assistance provided at TCA may be necessary.