Attendance Retrieval

Students, in grades 7-12, who are passing their classes, but have exceeded the allowable amount of 10 absences, will be required to attend attendance retrieval sessions.  Failure to attend these sessions will result in the student not being promoted to the next grade or not receiving course credit for a class.  A maximum of 5 days may be retrieved.  

Attendance retrieval will take place during the first week of summer school at a cost of $25 per day to  be retrieved.

A seat time of four hours equals one day retrieved.  A student not attending, arriving late, or leaving a  session early will not receive credit for their retrieval day

Students should bring their textbooks, workbooks, writing materials, or something to read with them.

All  school rules will be adhered to, including the school's dress code and cell phone/electronics policy.  Students will not be allowed to sleep or put their heads down.

Report cards and promotions will be given at the end of the retrieval period.